Bahria Town Karachi Daily Update

Bahria Town Karachi Daily Update. The face that redefines lifestyle in the Real Estate world has got the relief that was destined for it to achieve. The issues Bahria Town Karachi has been facing since its inception have been sorted out which is great news for investors and residents of Bahria Town Karachi. Now buying and selling will be going out at full pace.

Bahria Town Update

The Supreme Court has accepted the offer of 460 billion and also allowed the management of Bahria Town to give a lease to the plot holders which is the biggest breakthrough. Residents of Bahria Town were already having a peaceful and happy life there, but now after the approval of the entire project with the daily increase in the value of the property they can relax and claim openly that there is no place better than Bahria Town in Pakistan.

Premium Investment Opportunity

In Pakistan it is very hard to find a good location at a reasonable price but even after that people are willing to pay premium prices to avail the opportunity which comes to them first hand. When investors are investing in any new project they are most likely to compare the current project with the previous. They also intend to examine the history of other projects which are launched by the same developer. Therefore before investing in Bahria Town Karachi, the investors researched for the claims it was facing, causes of those claims and the repercussions faced by the people who invested in Bahria Town Karachi. Time of investing in Bahria Town Karachi has arrived now as the plots of projects which were launched having a price tag of Rs: 6lac are multiplied several times now the same plot will be having an updated price tag of Rs: 60lac.

There are several reasons due to which Bahria Town prevailed in its conquest to revolutionize the lifestyle of people living in Pakistan. But the main reason behind this is excellent development and most importantly continuous maintenance of the society.


The 125 & 250 yards plot of Bahria Town Karachi are popular items; however, it is very important to make sure that you do not invest your valuable money blindly.

For a 125 yards plot, it is recommended to invest in Ali Block in the following precincts.

Precinct 12, Precinct 14, Precinct 15, Precinct 10, Precinct 27 and Precinct 28

1- Prices in Ali Block for 125 yards is in between 35 to 55 lacs

2- Prices in Precinct 14 for 125 yards is in between 40 to 50 lacs

3- Prices in Precinct 15 for 125 yards is in between 35 to 45 lacs

4- Prices in Precinct 27 for 125 yards is in between 25 to 45 lacs

5- Prices in Precinct 28 for 125 yards is in between 20 to 30 lacs

The recommendation for 250 yards plots is Precinct 6, Precinct 8, and Precinct 16.

1- The prices in Precinct 6 for 250 yards is in between 60 to 80 lacs

2- The prices in Precinct 8 for 250 yards is in between 60 to 80 lacs

3- The prices in Precinct 16 for 250 yards is in between 65 to 75 lacs

Precinct 8, 250 yards is highly recommended for both investment and construction point of view.

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