Bahria Town Karachi Updates

Liberty Residencia

Liberty Residencia A Residential Reference of Bahria Town

A royal standalone tower to provide both security and privacy, Liberty Residencia A Residential Reference of Bahria Town is a worthwhile project. It is one of the most loveable and easily accessible residential developments in the area because of modern planning, hot location, and provision of all modern facilities.Located just 4 km distance away from Main Gate, it is in the commercial hub of Bahria Town...

Bahria Town Karachi the Homeland of International Brands

Most of the largest and most influential companies of the modern age are publicly traded multinational brands and corporations. They have a big impact on our lifestyle and living patterns. Around the world departmental stores and shopping malls are cropping up, eating and food habits are changing while the industry of fashion and household appliances are growing in the name of brands. As brands imply...

Liberty Parks Residencia

Liberty Park’s Residencia; A Jewel in the Crown of Bahria Town, Karachi

The upcoming Liberty Park’s Residencia is truly an epitome of luxury and lifestyle. It is amongst the new generation of high-end residential cum commercial projects to experience superior living and adorn a quality way of life.  The lofty tower is going to enhance the landscape of Bahria Town Karachi and embellish the skyline of the megacity. This is why this luxurious skyscraper is regarded as the...

Options for Small Investors

Options for Small Investors in Bahria Town Karachi

The real estate business is one of the top businesses which always appreciates in terms of values. That’s why investors around the world are wisely advised to invest in real estate and housing projects to get maximum return on investment. Options for Small Investors provides such valuable investment opportunities in the Bahria Town Karachi (BTK), which has good expected profits. An Investment...


Precinct 1 Smart Options In Bahria Town Karachi (BKT)

For those who desire to have a luxury living and superior lifestyle in Bahria Town Karachi (BKT), Precinct 1 is perfect for them. It is not only the most prominent Precinct of the entire scheme but also the first priority of buyers to have a home here. Homeland Enterprises, therefore, facilitates these buyers by offering various 2-year easy installment plans which are easy and within budget for...

Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Gated Community

Gated Communities; For Secure & Luxury Living “My job requires me to tour other cities, and I used to worry about the security of my family. But since shifting in Bahria Town Karachi, now I can travel without that tension. Because it’s a gated community project due to which there is no street crime or robberies within the scheme’s premises.” These are the words of Dr. Talha Farooqi, who...


Heavy Rain in Karachi Vs Concrete Drain in BTK

One shouldn’t be surprised this year when the havoc of unprecedented urban flooding still haunts the metropolitan after two weeks of rain in Karachi, Bahria Town Karachi (BTK) remained unaffected due to effective town planning and modern infrastructure arrangements. Besides, basic services didn’t halt there because the drainage system allowed the residents to commute without any hindrance, and no...

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