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Introduction :

Gwadar Golf City is the world standard housing project in Pakistan. It is a project by Malik Riaz Grandson who is the richest person in the country. The project is ideal for residential purpose in the future trading city of Pakistan. Because of high investment by developers, it will be the best housing scheme of the modern era. As the name predicts, the project has Golf Course surrounding the residential area. The master plan of Gwadar Golf City has introduced a beautiful designed for the Golf Course setting a standard. Because approved by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), it is a fraudless housing scheme where your investment is secure. If requiring verification, the NOC registration number of Gwadar Golf City is 53/06/HS/GDA(B).

Recently, The GDA has canceled many NOC for the residential scheme in order to fulfill the requirement. Only the housing scheme fulfilling the requirement provided by GDA will entitle for the NOC. The purpose of taking the action is to ensure the on-ground development as soon as possible. So, it is an initiative by Gwadar Development Authority which will compel the developers for starting groundwork Quickly. The action taking by the GDA is significantly important to boost the infrastructural development in the future trading city. Proudly, the Gwadar Golf City has achieved the NOC by fulfilling all the requirement as per the provided list by GDA.

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Significance Of Gwadar City:

The most of the natural resources and strategic location are in the area of Balochistan province. It is beautiful region Gifted by Allah to Pakistan. The Gwadar City is a part of the Balochistan province. And it is settled in the Mekran region at the coastline of Arabian Sea. The Gwadar City is known for its natural deep-sea port. The project development has boosted the importance of city throughout the world. According to the International Experts, Gwadar City unlocks the riches of central Asia. It will also create new employment opportunities in Pakistan that will eliminate the unrest and civil war. Also, the ruining situation of the law and order in Pakistan will re-stabilize due to the progressing Gwadar.

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Some Important Project In Gawadar:

Following are some Important Gawadar’s Project backing the Pakistan economy significantly :

Deep Sea Port In Pakistan:

Development work of Gwadar Deep sea started in 2002 so that it has almost completed now. Unloading of the container is going smoothly through the heavy machinery at Gwadar Port. The Pakistani government has given the supervision for the managerial works to the Chinese company. Providing the best service with advanced technology is the aim of these Chinese company.

Due to standing inside the Arabian sea, the hammerhead-shaped peninsula of Gwadar port is naturally deep. It away forms the coastline of the Arabian sea with connecting long neck-shaped road. The map of Gwadar Port shows its beautiful location and designs on the Arabian Sea. The port consists of two phases the handling equipment and infrastructure.


The successful operation of Gwadar Port also brings another project known as CPEC. It will truly back the country progress. Due to the project, the construction of highways and wide roads are on the rise in the City. Development of 4 lane expressway connecting  Makran Coastal Highway is a big example of infrastructure. Today, the Infrastructure level of the city has passed many construction stages.

CPEC means China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The project will connect many major cities of Pakistan through roads, railways, and a dry port. But the main aim behind the development of CPEC is connecting the Port to Kashgar China.

Oil Refinery:

China will set up a refinery that will refine the Russian raw petroleum to get completed oil-based goods. Refinery venture is a beneficial task and it will empower the Chinese in carrying oil from Gwadar to China. Therefore, the refinery producing limit is 45,000 barrels for each day. For the reason, the specialists have requested the pertinent specialists in Kuwait to Invest in the refinery venture. The proposed refinery is really a tremendous endeavor and experts are in talks with various countries to place assets into the task. Whenever completed, Refinery will give all the refined oil-based products from within Pakistan. It adds to national sparing by bringing in just a raw petroleum.

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Economic Zone:

The Special Economic Zone will be spread more than 2,282 sections of land existing in Gwadar organized commerce region. China abroad port holding organization takes control of the exchanging zone since 2015. The zone has given the business chances to 40,000 workers. The undertaking likewise has producing zones, coordinations focuses, stockrooms and show focuses.

Endeavors set up in the Special Economic Zone will be prohibited from Pakistan’s compensation, arrangements and concentrate charges for quite a while. Contractual workers and subcontractors related with China Overseas Port Holding Company will be absolved from these duties for a long time, that an assessment occasion of 40 years should be allowed for imports of gear, materials, plants, hardware, mechanical assembly and fittings for the development of the port of Gwadar and the Special Economic Zone. width=



Gwadar International Airport:

advancement of Gwadar International Airport, signifying R22 billion, will be done soon according to the expressions of Saifullah Chattha. Likewise, he stated, “This will be the biggest air terminal in Balochistan that will encourage residential and universal travelers with offices of global guidelines,”. To be sure, the Gwadar Airplane terminal backs the advance of Gwadar high sea’s port and furthermore assumes the key part in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. On the opposite side, the Gwadar advance significantly adds to movement and tourism bolster in Pakistan. The air terminal will have the ability to oblige the greatest explorer flying machine on the planet, including the Airbus A380. To this end, the Civil Aviation Authority has allocated 3,000 areas of land. The plane terminal will have a general status and will work under the Open Skies game plan. Earlier, at the Joint Cooperation Committee (CCC) meeting in Beijing, a couple of individuals imparted stress over the direct progress of the East Bay road in the port of Gwadar and the Gwadar International Airport.

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The BSM Pvt Ltd Company owned by Mr.Syed Jaleel-ur-Rehman and Mr. Malik Bilal develops the Gwadar Golf City. Being a Grandson of Pakistan’s Richest Developer, Malik Bilal becomes is becoming famous on social media. Malik Riaz is a chairman of Bahria Town (PVT.) and he is a famous personality throughout the country. So, The developers have turned no stone left in establishing the Gwadar best Housing Scheme.

Project Plan:

As per project plan, Gwadar Golf City is a residential housing scheme surrounding by beautiful Golf Course. It is one of the ideal housing society in the City. The long range of facilities offered by the developer includes in Master plan of Gwadar Golf City. The facilities are Wide roads, Greenbelts, modern sewage system, underground electrification, community center, jogging tracks, water filtration plants, hospitals and medical facilities, 24 hours electricity, university, 24 hours patrolling security, gym and sports center, cine gold cinema, zoological garden, Jamia Masjid, theme park, country club, civic center and sector markets.

The plot options offered by Gwadar Golf City Housing society are 5, 8, 10 & 20 Marlas. Comparatively, the housing scheme is the ideal one and located at Makran Coastal Highways.


The location map of Gwadar Golf City shows the project links with top roads in the region. The Makran Coastal Highway near to Jinnah Avenue II Mouza Paleri Garbi is the address of Gwadar Golf City housing scheme. Offering world-class living at the highway playing a vital role in CPEC project makes the social standing out.

At the Irrigated Green Area of Gwadar, The project is located. And it will also close to the cantonment and Custom house as per the upcoming revised GDA Master Plan. Additionally, it has 3 km distance from proposed 500 Acres International Shabi University.

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Processing & Form Fee for 200 Sq. Yards (8 Marla) & 250 Sq. Yards (10 Marla): RS: 11,000
Processing & Form Fee for 500 Sq. Yards (1 Kanal): RS: 16,000


Processing & Form Fee for 200 Sq. Yards (8 MArla): RS: 36,000


10% Discount on Full Payment.
10% Extra Charge on corner facing park and Main Boulevard.
The Mentioned prices include the cost of land only.


New Residential Payment PlanNew Golf Facing Plots Payment PlanCommercial Plots Payment PlanOld Residential Payment Plan

Note: Customers who purchased plots files with old Pre-Booking rates have to pay their installments as-per old schedule.


State of the art planning

Wide roads

Green belts

Modern sewerage system

Underground electrification

Community Center

Gold course

Jogging Tracks

Water Filtration Plants

Hospital & Medical Facilities

24 Hours Electricity

Education Institutes and International University

24 Hours Security and Patrolling

Gym and Sports Center

Cine Gold Cinema

Zoological Garden

Jamia Masjid

Theme Park

Country Club

Civic Center and Sector Markets

Replicas of Famous Monuments





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