Making a Living at Gulshan-e-Maymar

Living at Maymar has not always been a popular choice among those who prefer living near busy streets and want everything to be in their reach by which we mean pretty close to the market, but among peace seekers and greenery lovers, Gulshan-e-Maymar has always been an ideal location.

There are numerous facilities that make Gulshan-e-Maymar, a peaceful and convincing place to live.

It is located at main Super Highway, the road link to Lyari Expressway that connects Maymar to the city’s downtown. Maymar has Parks, Wide roads which are cleaned regularly, planned rest houses & places for family entertainment. Because of this reason, it was nicknamed “mini Islamabad”. Developed in the early 1980s by founders Mr Hafiz Sadiq & Syed Mazhar & later It was stretched over 1000 acres as Gulshan-e-Maymar started to make a name for itself.

There are a total of 10 sectors in Gulshan-e-Maymar.

Securities and facilities in Maymar-Karachi

We made a list of all the environmental facilities you get when you live at Gulshan-e-Maymar which are as followed:

  • The area promises a peaceful and secure environment.
  • The roads at Maymar link to Lyari Expressway and Highway.
  • Maymar has parks and entertainment spots for families or individuals.
  • At every corner, there is a Mosque.
  • Dream World, A family resort is situated there.
  • Maymar offers easy access to highway restaurants.
  • It is a highly secured facility.
  • Fully equipped hospitals.
  • Everything is available from superstores to supermarkets.


As mentioned, the neighbourhood is located in the suburbs and it is offering a peaceful environment. It is the only residential area built along the lines of the Federal Capital. The residents there are satisfied with the peaceful environment as Maymar has parks, green spaces, mosques, a park located in each sector all of this along with a secured environment.


Gulshan-e-Maymar connects you to the two major roads which are Lyari Expressway and Super Highway, Those who live in the society have easy access to the city through Lyari Expressway which holds four lanes, five underpasses, two interchanges & overpasses.

People who have offices in the city area can easily come via Lyari Expressway. There is no traffic congestion along the way as compared to the busy streets of the city downtown. In short, the people coming from Maymar do not face rush hour traffic at all.


There is a variety of restaurants, cafes & hotels for food lovers in Maymar. The oldest one of them is Shafiq Restaurant. It is famous because of its amazing Breakfast. People here wait in long queues to get their hand on this delight.

At mid-day, Shafiq Restaurant offers a different menu which includes chicken Karachi, biriyani, qorma & nihari. Among other restaurant is JF restaurant famous for its haleem & burger and much more, Z-six restaurant famous for its fish & chips which is the restaurants most appealing dish.

Another restaurant which is worth mentioning is Chaudhary Mohsin which offers a huge variety of Chinese dishes. The people living in Maymar also have access to the restaurants situated at Highway like Sajjad & Habib Restaurant.


Maymar has a tight security system which consists of police cars & vans patrolling all around the area throughout the day and night as it is a little away from the city premises. Safety of the residents is the prime concern of the management of this society.

No outsiders are allowed in the area without proper identification, there are no fruits or vegetable vendors on the streets. The Maymar security management advised the residents to demand a copy of CNIC if they want to employ domestic help.


Maymar is well equipped with medical facilities and separate clinics which are offering all the medical services with the latest pieces of equipment. The hospitals at Maymar are known for their cleanliness and well-maintained rooms.

The medical personnel’s are also trained in various kinds of emergencies and provide an instant first aid in times of need.


One of the biggest reasons for living at Maymar is access to some of the most mesmerizing and beautiful parks which are situated in almost every sector. The housing society at Maymar has approx 82.4 acres of land which is destined to hold children playgrounds and green spaces.

You will not find any shortage of outlets and lush green parks at Gulshan-e-Maymar, it is almost literally a garden of flowers because the founders of this residence had given more attention toward building parks in the locality.


There are many shopping spots located at Maymar at affordable rates and fancy wears, people usually head off to colours & fabrics collection in sector X. Grand Master, Bin Saeed & Gul Ahmed all have their own outlets in Maymar.

On every Sunday, a popular bazaar is held in the area which is known as Sunday Bazaar. It is a big market place where you can easily find almost everything from household items to everything under one room. Clothes, home accessories, kitchenware & other stuff all are available here. You can buy anything from here at cheap rates also there are local superstores in every sector.

People residing at Maymar do not have to travel all the way to city downtown to grab a few grocery items, all things of daily use are available within the premises of Maymar.


For peace seekers, it is a good place to live & especially for those trying to escape the busy streets of the city. Maymar has almost everything and due to continuous development in the area, it is gaining value as well as reputation. Maymar has broad roads, links to the highway, stores, hospitals, parks, clinics, security & much more.

It is a good opportunity to invest in Maymar as the prices will surely increase because the area is continuously improving and developing. A 120 sq yards plot for sale in Gulshan-e-Maymar can cost you 10 lac to 1 crore or if you are interested in a bigger piece of land then go for a 240 sq yard plot for which you will have to keep a capital of 68 lac to 1.6 crores.

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