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The Chief Housing Plots, Bahria Town Karachi

Since its inception and on the stretch of growing years, Bahria Town Karachi has offered numerous and hi-tech accommodation alternatives. The plots are explicitly planned for the right deal at the exact time. Investing in a plot is still an upright decision. Property developers and investors always look out for the plots which shall give first-rate revenues on deals in times to come. Housing plots are of...

Bahria Enclave Plots How Are Governor Houses Open for the Public like

Bahria Enclave Plots. Imran Khan announced in his first speech as the prime minister of Pakistan that he will open the governor’s houses to the public. This was a plan introduced to safeguard the taxpayer money so that the government could earn & generate more revenue. Much like Bahria Enclave Plots have given authority to the people to come and visit their projects, the people now have...

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