Why You Should Live At Bahria Town Karachi

Looking for a house for sale at Bahria Town?

Well you should be looking for one because there are countless reasons to live in this fully developed state of the art peaceful area.

This society has bought all the comforts & luxury at one place inside the secured confines of the society.



Facilities here at Bahria Town are all easily accessible and are one of a kind there is much more to what you see from far away.

Bahria Town has its Hospitals equipped with the latest technology & highly trained staff.

The residents here do not have to go anywhere else for the medication in times of emergency.

The famous international standard Green Valley stores which are now open at Bahria Town.

No less than hygienic supermarkets, here you can easily find anything and everything.

From items of daily use to kitchenware, household items, groceries, electronic appliances and much more under one roof.

At Bahria Town, they have banks, petrol pumps & everything that a person needs in his daily life.

Some of the private schools have opened their branches at Bahria Town like Beacon House to provide children with quality education.

Children of Bahria Town do not need to travel to such distances outside the premises for education now they have it in their reach.

Inside the society, they have Banquet halls for weddings and the occasion of Bahria Town residents.

The Town has been very carefully planned and does not lack in any facility so the residents have to go look for it outside.

In-fact they have their graveyard too for the residents of Bahria Town.

Fitness clubs, beauty salons, and mosques, golf club, karate club, every single facility have been made available in the society.



So you seek entertainment?

The enjoyable places and facilities are numerous in Bahria Town. You name it they got it within the confines of the society.

In addition to cinema, parks & zoo of its own, Bahria Town also introduces other sports and entertainment options for the residents.

There is a lounge for riders; there is a country club for family entertainment which is one of its kind.

Many renowned brands and restaurants have their outlets at Bahria Town to serve loyal customers and build customer value along the way.



Among many other attractive features that Bahria Town offers, one thing that attracts all is state of the art electricity backup.

Yes! They have their electricity backup, they do not have to bear electricity load shedding & enjoy an uninterrupted supply of electricity



The beautiful buildings, monuments, and architecture of the houses there is what Bahria Town is composed of.

The beautifully built one of a kind lavish house makes everyone wish to have a house in Bahria Town.

Houses and plots of various sizes are available for sale at affordable rates and social classes.

So start looking for a house for sale in Bahria Town Karachi and update your current lifestyle with the level of comfort provided by Bahria Town.



Beauty is easily achieved but it is very harder to maintain.

At Bahria Town they have their garbage disposal system for civil maintenance.

Their trained staff with the modern cleaning and proper disposal equipment ensure that all the roads, parks, commodities & other places are kept clean.

The garbage bins are emptied daily all the litter is removed before it becomes visible to the residents.



As Bahria Town is a spirit-lifting place to live, the environment, the fragrance, the feel all give the visitors and residents a breath-taking experience.

The nature at Bahria Town reminds the people of the boundless blessing of Allah (S.W.T), The Creator, who has arranged this peace for us.

Bahria Town has one of the biggest Mosques in all of Pakistan.

It can hold thousands of people at once and for all Allah has provided us with, this was a humble and really small effort to thank the Allah Almighty for His Kindness.



Get mesmerized by the amazing, agile & active as hell acrobats of the Dolphins.

It is an interactive show and will surely leave you speechless and in awe of these beautiful mammals.

You will be entertained and educated at the same time here watching these dolphins do their thing playfully and enjoy watching them interact with each other.



Tired of facing delays?

Bahria Town has its staff for domestic issues which is active 24 hours – 7days a week.

They ensure that you will never be bothered by such petty matters.

The service is available for the residents at their doorstep at a single call to the maintenance service wing they will send someone to help you out with no service charges.

You have to pay only for material replacements and the staff will do it all by themselves.

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